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New Balance extraction from tea and coffee in the West in inspiration, was born in 1990 this little-known signs a 878 remake of running shoes. The body of the shoe is still using nylon mesh surface splicing suede classic combination, with dark gray and white milk for upper primary colors, and inside details is the choice of blue decoration, in the bottom is still equipped with ABZORB signs of shock technology, finally equipped with retro flavor rich coffee color cheap jordan shoes for men outside the bottom end. New-Balance-ML878-Grey-Brown-Light-Blue.jpg (288.87 KB, download number: 11) download New Balance ML878 Athleisure 2016-2-4 09:19 upload New-Balance-ML878-Grey-Brown-Light-Blue-1.jpg (282.75 KB, download number: 8) download New Balance ML878 Athleisure 2016-2-4 09:19 upload New-Balance-ML878-Grey-Brown-Light-Blue-2.jpg (348.33 KB, download number: 7) download New Balance ML878 Athleisure 2016-2-4 09:19 upload New-Balance- Retro jordans for sale ML878-Grey-Brown-Light-Blue-3.jpg (409.02 KB, download number: 10) download New Balance ML878 Athleisure 2016-2-4 09:19 upload New-Balance-ML878-Grey-Brown-Light-Blue-4.jpg (322.98 KB, download number: 13) download New Balance ML878 Athleisure 2016-2-4 09:19 upload 00 according to Fujian Putian inspection and Quarantine Bureau revealed that in the first quarter of 2014, the EU REPAX issued a total of 11 leather products bulletin, of which 9 were foo cheap jordans for sale mens twear bulletin, of which 7 were leather materials, six chromium content exceeded the standard. according to the Putian inspection and Quarantine Bureau Textile Division staff said, why are there such a high frequency of six price chromium exceeded notification? The new version of the safety shoes came into effect in June 2012. The new regulations stipulate that six chromium content shall not exceed 3ppm. More noteworthy is that in March 26th, the European Comm cheap foamposites ission revised REACH regulations, limiting six chromium in leather products, will come into effect in May 1, 2015. it is understood that the six chromium in leather causes are generally two kinds of circumstances: one is that the tanning material itself contains six chromium. Another case is leather during storage, part of chrome tanning in trivalent chromium was oxidized to chromium six. It is worth noting that heating and lighting can increase the price of s Cheap air jordans for sale ix chromium in leather. and the EU is one of the main markets for footwear exports in Putian, accounting for about 15% of the total value of Putian's footwear exports. To ensure that footwear products meet the EU safety shoes new standards, Putian inspection and Quarantine Bureau suggested that the footwear industry association should promptly strengthen risk information early warning, to remind enterprises to leather raw materials to strengthen the six valenc Retro jordans for sale e chromium content testing. At the same time, enterprises should strictly monitor raw materials and finished products storage and transportation of environmental factors, to avoid trivalent chromium oxidation to six chromium. (editor in chief: Asian shoes industry)The Air Below is therunning shoes, tailor, a combination of seemingly irrelevant, in the hands of the Japanese designer Junya Watanabe has become accustomed to things, but running shoes NEW BALANCE fa cheap jordans for sale mily and Junya Watanabe also become a long-term friendly and cooperative partnership lines, For several years it is frequently teamed topic after another. Since early last month, Bo Friends will be issued one on the Junya Watanabe again with New Balance's message on blogspot, one pair of Junya Watanabe x New Balance's new M1400 also will be exposed. But that did not send double-released officially on sale and co-edition M1400, as early as some time ago has been Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping out & quot; factory goods & quot; and the shelves of trafficking (in the end is not yet law confirm what goods), the price is to create a version of the low cooperation, detailed The available information to be published in the future, interested friends may wish to continue to track attention. & nbsp; & nbsp;there are 10 climbing points here. They are very fierce, but you may know little about them. (thanks to the information from ) STRAVAalthough we do not Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping have the opportunity to experience their brutal, but it does exist, and may be destroying a person's legs, and the rest of us to look at it. If you have plans to conquer the world of the various ramps, then put these climbing routes in the future journey is also good. 1. Columbia - de Letras Alto, a total length of 79.9 km, with an average of 4% slope Letras may have the title of the world's longest climbing stage, according to the strava measured the long 80 k cheap jordans online ilometers climbing at an average gradient of 4%. When a rider breathless to board the top of the Columbia, the foot of the altitude has been as high as 3700 meters. Letras climbing is a relatively quiet stage, because only 116 riders in the rankings of the strava left a record, which means that most of the time is likely to be a few people even you struggling on the ramp. 2. The Great Dun Fell - the British stage, a total length of 7.4 kilometers, the average slope of 8%if you are a native British, you probably have heard a great reputation as early as Great Dun Fell. Dun Fell Great climbing section of the Arp Didier (d'Huez Alpe) as a very winding road, so it is also regarded as the most classic in the UK climbing section. stage to the maximum gradient once can reach 25% of terrible, a 7.4 kilometers long ramp that is located in the British above sea level in the second high mountain. Former British national champion climbers Tejvan Pettinger maintained climbing record of the stage, when the champion climbers climbing average rate is only an hour 17.1 kilometers, we can imagine the stage for ordinary people is a how cruel torture. Portugal 3. - Seia - Torre stage, a total length of 28.4 kilometers, the average slope of 5% when cyclists who want to find a winter training, vast Portugal would not be the first to appear in their intended destination, but this does not prevent the Portuguese to provide high quality climbing training venues. Torre Guarda is located in the city with the highest stage of Portugal, according to the data provided by the Strava stage length of 28.4 km. When the stage into the Serra de Estrela mountain range, as long as they can conquer is tortuous and average gradient of 5% of the road, you will enjoy the endless beauty. 4. America, Evans stage, a total length of 44.3 kilometers, the average slope of 4%〉