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Two causes "short fund-raising" & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation responsible corporate donations Ling Peng analysts say the main reason for "short fund-raising" took place for two One is a small part of the enterprise or individual engaged in the donation does show, refused to honor their commitments of donations, another situation is more complicated. "For example, some enterprises have committed to total contributions, but they will be phased arrival, that statistics will differ from some of the enterprises have made a commitment, but they may need to identify specific objects will be allocated after the donation.." & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Deputy Director of the Disaster Relief Department of Civil Affairs, explains Pang Chenmin, released here received a total number of donations, it refers to the total number of disaster relief donations received over the Ministry of Civil Affairs statistics. "In other words, it was more than 46.3 billion yuan, including the civil affairs departments at all levels, such as Ministry of Civil Affairs, Sichuan Civil Affairs Department and various regional Department of Civil Affairs, the Red Cross system, charit Cheap air jordans for sale y and by the Foreign Ministry, the Liaison Office, Taiwan Office and donations received by the relevant bodies, while the actual number of donations arrival, it refers to the number of contributions to these institutions and organizations actually received and the number of goods converted into money received. " some enterprises repeat donations & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ". In fact the situation this year, the Audit Commission to intervene very early, so 'short donate' little 'reporters from the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the specified Several private foundations have learned that disaster relief capabilities, they have been in accordance with the requirements, updated daily donation information and media on the site. But reporters found that the data they published, accept the donations and the actual arrival of still have a small gap. Ling Peng told reporters, mainly because some enterprises due to duplication of donations, so in accordance with the requirements of the Audit Commission, the amount has not been included in the statistics. "For example, Beijing, Fuzhou Chamber of Commerce, itself donated 500,000 yuan, they wage employees donated 160,000 yuan, so a total of 660 Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ,000 yuan, but had pledged to sign the agreement is 50 million, so we have to sign again agreement and confirmation will be formally accepted, and this amount will temporarily not be included in our 'actual accounts was to' " Nike owes 20 million was traced supplies & nbsp;. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the latest updates Commerce Department data show that as of the 19th, foreign-invested enterprises, multinational companies and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enterprises (excluding charities and individuals) has donated money to the disaster area of ??about 3.776 billion yuan, The donation is not in place of the previously announced 12 companies, Shanxi Haixin Group, Unilever, Excellence Real Estate, Bertelsmann, Auchan Group, Texas Instruments already in place, Taiwan's China Steel, Google, Wal-Mart, US companies such as Eli Lilly are processed. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; at the same time point out the list of donations is not in place several new companies, including Nike, a larger difference. List shows Nike's commitment to 10 million yuan in cash already in place, 20 million yuan of materials is not yet in place; and 53 million yuan of Nokia's commitment, in place of the 16 million cheap foamposites yuan in cash and three million yuan in kind. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; With the "foreign sake of making criticisms," the debate intensified, business sentiment rebounded more strongly. Yesterday, the companies are named in a statement sent to reporters, "innocence", in which the title Shanxi Haixin Group statement called "We do donate," and sent to reporters a copy of each contribution remittance evidence itself not only donate the commitment of 11 million yuan, also donated an extra 200 million. Nike & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; donations of goods are to cooperate with China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation in batches to the affected areas, currently 20 million of supplies have all been delivered, foundations there can be certified. As to why this situation occurs, the official said, "may be information communication not smooth enough, tomorrow we will be explained to the Commerce Department."Adidas sports players Pilrahna III low-key gorgeous 2008-03-31 10:25:10 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: TOM network] Print & nbsp; Close Adidas & nbsp; Pilrahna & nbsp; III & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; shoes Name: adidas Pilrahna III & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; cheap jordans for sale Release Year: 2008 & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; wearing Players ??: Tracy McGrady / Devin Harris / Travis Outlaw & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The main technical:? the heel Shox cushioning technology | Synthetic Leather | TPU midsole | velcro cross & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Recommended reason: excellent value for money, wait for the discount is a good choice | Rockets star Tracy McGrady full endorsement style & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; summary evaluation: Pilrahna series of third-generation products & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Sale price: the current market price of about 800 yuan & nbsp ; & nbsp; & nbsp;? If you are a veteran Tracy McGrady fans, you will know, adidas T-Mac is Adidas launched the longest-ever signature series shoes, launched a total of 5 positive Generation shoes, 2 and 3, paragraph 5 series shoes with T-Mac logo Team shoes. McGrady entered the league from start wearing adidas shoes, signature shoe from the early natural feet series later this nearly 10 pairs of individuals, McGrady played for the adidas market in the United States, indeed made an indelible contribution. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; breakdown over, does not amount to anything besides Anton square Walker, signing pl cheap jordans for sale mens ayers then McGrady adidas revival plan is the most loyal one?. O'Neal spent a few years on NIKE's arms, began to speak Shox; Bryant signature shoe is not favored because huff left adidas! Tracy McGrady is the only comparable Howard, but 04 junior champion sneaker, less than a mention. Not to mention KG, stone, Arenas and Chauncey Billups of. KG and stone then two storms are NIKE, Billups came into the league when Reebok spokesperson, as Arenas is more funny, Fun McGrady signature shoes, AirMax generals still wearing running shoes to play it! & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Normally speaking, every brand banner should establish a long-term culture of the characters as an object, then Joe Bennet, now LeBron is pushing NIKE Lifetime spokesman, RBK also launched more than 10 pairs a signature shoe AI, contrast, adidas, has chosen to abandon the climate has been formed T-Mac series, gave up the loyal "flounder Prince" --2007-08 before the start of the season, the people looking forward to T-Mac series seventh generation of signature shoes double positive time, adidas has officially announced their plans --Team Signature TS team signature shoes. After what we all should be very familiar, TS Lightspe cheap jordans online ed, TS Lightswich, TS ProModel three pairs of public signature shoe is accompanied by a different color. Once that one blue and one red, domineering T-Mac was gone, leaving only a rocket both color + personal Logo of TS. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; finally McGrady injured, after a brief leave our vision for some time, and then come back, we do not see a double that a few awkward TS. Tracy rather proud to wear shoes in the end can only be considered, but also unwilling to commit to TS's. When McGrady comeback against the Spurs, people pretty amazing to see a pair of shoes --Pilrahna3.0-- it is the end of the third for adidas shoes Pilrahna series! & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Pilrahna3.0 very beautiful, no wonder many fans saw it thought it was restarted adidas T-Mac's signature series. No wonder that, if you have the opportunity to wear Pilrahna3.0, you'll find that it's wrapped in a sense like the T-Mac5 design. Moreover, the asymmetrical design of the upper structure, but also T-Mac series has always been characteristics. But if you are careful adidas sneaker, you'll find this double Pilrahna3.0 with the previous two generations of products have too much Pilrahna origin. First, they have ad Retro jordans for sale opted the same outsole structure, non-marking system makes marking rubber shoes with non-slip performance even more! 3.0 Velcro generation inherits the protection period, and to be improved, making the whole package of shoes reached an unprecedented height, which may also select one of its reasons for Madison - now the 1st rocket more in need of protection. The suspension runs through the middle of the design and in the bottom of the design is one of the characteristics Pilrahna this series! & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; of course, as adidas shoes, Pilrahna 3.0 did not forget the famous "We not Me!" slogan! On the Velcro ankle, secretly printed one palm symbolizing the importance of each individual team. Also in the NBA, these shoes are not the only spokesmen McGrady one person, just move from Dallas to New Jersey, Harris also put on these shoes, but also led the Nets shot a good score, so that people almost forget Kidd departed loss. The same shoes also appeared in the Outlaw Trail Blazers swingman striker's feet, though not the league players, but the middle of the 13-game winning streak of the season the Blazers, Outlaw undeniable! & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Tracy McGrady and the fans are Retro jordans for sale well aware, age and injuries have not allowed that T-Mac flying inside the penalty area. Today, McGrady can only walk on the outside, with a time accurate shooting and pass to lead the team to victory! In the author wrote this article, the Rockets with that incredible wave of 22-game winning streak, and now has almost locked up a playoff berth. McGrady Rockets in effect, I believe more and more people are beginning to recognize the. We do not know to the playoffs, McGrady will not be wearing this pair Pilrahna3 .0 battle arena, we do not know the next season or in the future there is no presence of T-Mac7. We can know it is that in the 07-08 season, in the spring of 2008, was accompanied by Pilrahna 3.0 McGrady made a 22-game winning streak, but also for low-end shoes in a gorgeous piece of music played! Related newsThe reporter Yao Zhide, correspondent Huang Xin and Liang Shuhui reported: export tax rebate up and explore new market success, so that last year, the impact of Guangdong shoe exports to a certain extent buffer. The reporter learned from the Guangzhou customs, this year 1-2 month in Guangdong province exported 490 million pair of shoes, a slight increase of 0.1% compared w Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ith the same period last year, exports of $1 billion 600 million, an increase of 0.9%. exports to emerging markets are growing rapidly, started in December 1st last year, China's export tax rebate rate from 11% up to 13% shoes, because the general trade is the "two out" processing trade on the export tax rebate policy adjustment is more sensitive, 1-2 months of this year in Guangdong Province, the general trade exports of shoes increased significantly, the export volume growth of 11.7% and 20% respectively in processing; the form of trade export volume continued to decline 20.3% and 8.6%. the first two months of this year, Guangdong shoe exports have been warmer, mainly because of the rapid growth of emerging markets. Customs statistics show that in the 1-2 months of this year, Guangdong's exports to ASEAN, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa increased by 2 times, 33.9%, 64.3% and 75.1% respectively. Affected by the financial crisis, the developed markets such as the US and Europe's exports are still falling, which exports to the United States, the European Union and Hongkong shoes value decreased by 4.6%, 9% and 6.4%, exports to Japan is a slight increase of 0.3%. export cheap jordan shoes for men enterprises to further large-scale at present, Guangdong export shoes category, enterprise concentration is undergoing new changes. With the deepening of the financial crisis, the international purchasing power continues to decline, coupled with the needs of emerging markets, the lower price of outsole and uppers are made of rubber or plastic shoes (referred to as plastic shoes) favored. It is understood that the 1-2 months of this year, Guangdong's exports of plastic shoes contrarian growth of 18%. In addition, the leather shoes are the main target of international anti-dumping, the export volume constantly under pressure, first two months of this year, Guangdong exports fall by 20.4%, while the average price rose sharply 15.5%. customs analysts pointed out that, at present, the Guangdong shoe industry due to the financial tsunami and reshuffle effect is still deepening, export enterprises tend to large-scale. 1-2 months of this year, Guangdong shoe exports over millions of dollars of the 292 enterprises, more than the same period last year increased by 9 over the same period this year, accounting for 13.3% of the total export shoes enterprises, the total export amount has accounted for 80.6% of the total exports of Guangdong shoes. Chinese shoes face more anti-dumping charges against with the deteriorating situation of international trade, international trade protectionism rise one after another, in addition to the EU on China's exports of shoes to carry out anti-dumping review, since December 31, 2008, Brazil, Argentina and Canada have also launched on China's export shoes anti-dumping investigation. )In July 21, 1969 American Appollo 11 spacecraft carrying three astronauts landed on the moon, this feat was recorded in the history of human development. Sivadescalzo's famous ball shoe store in Spain is Spain announced in December 28th fool's day on the occasion as we offer below this Air Jordan 11 Moon Landing. This shoe to American sign of red and blue colors, supplemented by star pattern with at the heel, and the paint from the moon texture decoration, finally with translucent outsole. item: 378041-007 378041-007.jpg (67.56 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 11 Moon Landing 2015-12-27 08:52 upload air-jordan-11-moon-landing.jpg (72.93 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 11 Moon Landing 2015-12-27 08:52 upload jordan-11-moon-landing.jpg (71.12 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 11 Moon Landing 2015-12-27 08:52 upload moon-landing-air-jordan-11.jpg (52.49 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 11 Moon Landing 2015-12-27 08:52 upload Spain, Appollo, Jordan, history, 00 astronauts- your current version - tool over the wall? 1.? This may be the only thing you can afford to buy the Supreme x LV "joint" instagram: artbygino? 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Launches, like friends may wish to pay more attention.